3.9GHz Ultra Low Phase Noise DRO

Ingenieurbüro Gronefeld pushes the limit of low phase noise and introduces a new 3.9GHz DRO. The DRO features a noise of -180dBc at the floor of and already delivers -126dBc/Hz at 1kHz ofset!

The integrated phase jitter is <1fs (1kHz-10MHz).

Such results were not achievable so far with “reasonable effort”. The DROs can be implemented in the frequency range from ~1GHz to ~10GHz with customer-specific frequencies and can also be integrated in phase-locked loops. Options include increased output power (+17dBm) and precisely controlled output power (+13/+17dBm +/-0.1dB max). Jitter values of previously unattainable levels are thus achievable for highly sensitive applications.

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